The West Africa EcoTourism Network Offering

  • Networking Opportunities

    There are several networking events and tradeshows hosted by WAEN that take place throughout the year. These events provide ecotourism businesses the opportunity to interact with fellow members, connect with investors who share similar goals and may be able to assist with new business opportunities.

  • Training

    WAEN’s knowledge in ecotourism and sustainable travel places us in a perfect position to train your members of staff, managers and educators on how to develop sustainable and exciting ecotourism products, to monitor and manage social and environmental impacts, and to effectively educate and respond to guests.

  • Standards

    We develop, audit and uphold minimum standards for ecotourism operators in West Africa. The standards ensure not only a minimum level of social, economic and environmental sustainability, but also a minimum level of quality of ecotourism products in the region. This will support West Africa to become a globally recognised ecotourism destination.

  • Product Development

    We provide support for ecotourism product development through a range of services, including training programs, setting of standards, and provision of research on market intelligence and industry developments.

  • Consultation

    We work with partners to deliver holistic solutions for destinations, from planning and product development to contemporary marketing strategies, and all while engaging key stakeholders to promote effective implementation.

    We also engage with businesses, governments and communities to enhance people’s lives and the places they live through sustainable tourism, recreation and conservation development.

  • Public Relations

    We provide a broad range of public relation services to amplify tourism development efforts to showcase West and Central Africa as a tourist destination. Our team offers media relations strategies, crisis media relations, training, techniques and other proven methods guaranteed to increase public visibility through partnerships and many more.

Our Partners

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The activity benefited from support from the Umbrella Facility for Trade trust fund financed by the governments of the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.